damage records


Interested in maximizing your damage eh? Look no further! If you're looking for actual records, look in the official Bots forum in the Miscellaneous section. The records are in a sticky thread.

The Formula

First off, you'll need to be familiar with the formula for calculating your upper damage limit:

[Weapon's Maximum Damage] * ( [STR] + 100 ) / 100

As you can see, your maximum potential damage depends on two variables:

You will want to maximize these stats through use of weapons and unique armors. Go to the armor and weapon pages and apply the appropriate sorting to figure what equipment works best for your build.

Also be aware that the weapon you normally fight with may not be the ideal weapon for setting a maximum damage record. Suppose for example that your regular weapon does 90-110 damage. If you had the option of a 50-120 damage weapon, you should go with that. All you should look at when picking a weapon to set a record with is its upper limit.

Who To Fight Against

To get the most damage possible, you want to fight a bot with no absorb. This gives you two options: Infant and Trainmate. Both will not absorb any of your damage, allowing you to get the maximum possible damage.

One Other Note

Going with full strength armor isn't necessarily the optimal strategy for setting a record. It's possible that getting some bonus dexterity would allow you to equip a weapon with a higher maximum damage than you'd be able to get with just strength armor. I haven't been able to come up with a simple algorithm to detect when this is the case, so the only advice I can offer on this matter is to be aware of weapons with high maximum damage that you're close to in terms of dexterity requirement. Just play around with the numbers and see if it offers more damage.

So what are doing still sitting there? Go get that record!

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