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  • The lottery has been discontinued. You can still track your votes, but there will be no prize drawing.

Ticket Holders

Q: So what is this whole star lottery deal about?

A: The star lottery is intended to motivate players to help promote Bots. Basically, you vote for Bots at a game directory site and get a ticket into a weekly star drawing in return.

Q: I voted, but I didn't get a ticket. What's wrong with your system?

A: The most common cause of not being awarded a ticket after voting is that you didn't vote at the right time. You can't just cast your vote and then walk through the system. You have to initiate the process before voting and then cast your vote only when instructed to do so.

Q: Who is in charge of this operation and how can I contact that person?

A: I am, Ender. My main bot is Project X on green. The best ways to reach me are IRC (Ender-X on QuakeNet) and bmail.

Q: When are the winners picked?

A: Winners are automatically picked at midnight every Saturday night. You can see my server's time at the top of most pages. Each ticket is eligible to win you one star, with the exception of the jackpot (10 stars). Another exception is if there are more stars than tickets.

Q: How long do I get to keep the stars for?

A: You get the stars until the next drawing, so one week on average.

Q: I won a star. Can you put it on a different bot instead?

A: Sorry, no.

Q: I won a star, but the sponsor hasn't moved it to me yet. What can I do?

A: If it's been at least 1 day since the drawing, try reminding the sponsor as they may have forgotten. If you don't get a response (wait a couple days at least), then let me know so I can look into it.

Q: What time does MPOGD reset?

A: 1am EST. EST is the same timezone as my server. See the top of most pages for the current time.

Q: I have a dynamic IP, know how to use a proxy, am at different places throughout the day, etc. Am I allowed to get multiple tickets in the same day?

A: Yes. As long as you are actually getting votes, there is no limit to the number of tickets you can get in a day.


Q: I'd like to put some of my stars up for the lottery. What do I need to do?

A: Great! Just let me know how many stars and which server and I'll add your stars to the prize pool.

Q: Who is in charge of moving stars?

A: Sponsors themselves are in charge this time around. My hope is that distributing the workload will ensure that no one burns out. So check back here for a winner's list every Saturday night so you can see who to move stars to.

Q: I don't want my stars going towards the general lottery. Can you add them to the jackpot?

A: Sorry, no. I'm limiting each server's jackpot to 10.

Q: I no longer wish to be a sponsor. What do I need to do?

A: Let me know and I'll remove your stars from the prize pool. As a courtesy, please don't move stars from the previous week's winners until the time of the next drawing.

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